Sun Protection

As much as we enjoy the improvement in the weather, it's so important to remember protect your eyes just as you would your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

UV damage to the eyes is linked to cataracts and age related macular degeneration and studies have shown that the damage to your eyes occurs throughout your life not just later on when symptoms become apparent.

Never fear though, as glasses wearers we are uniquely privileged to be able to protect our eyes at all times. So, what are the options?

1) Sunglasses, a good pair of prescription sunglasses will block 100%* of the unwanted light radiation from reaching your eyes. (* the protection from “tinted lenses” can fade over time so be aware to update your sunglasses when necessary, polarised sunglasses however do not fade and will block UV consistently.)

2) Photochromics, as a primary pair or as a back-up or sunglass pair your photochromic lenses will adapt to changing sunlight conditions to give you protection when you need it.

3) UV filters. For standard plastic lenses an invisible UV block coating can be added to the surface of the lenses and this will block up to 100 % of UV for up to two years.

4) Trivex tough and light lenses , available in single vision and varifocals will block 100% of UV without any colour or visible coating on the the lenses.

5) Thin and light slimline 1.6, 1.67 & 1.74 also available in single vision and varifocals options will block 100% of UV without any colour on the lenses.

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