We have over 5000 lenses in stock in our production facility in Darwen.

All our frames are priced including basic single vision lenses, with other lens options available as an add on cost.

The cost of these add-ons is clear and simple to understand from our lens menus on display all around the shop. This means there are no hidden extras for glazing services or basic lens options. You really can have a complete pair of glasses from as little as £25.

Single vision lenses are prescription lenses designed to correct your vision in one viewing area. This can be distance, intermediate or near. Most people under 40 will only need a single vision lens and usually distance, and they won't need to take them off to look at things close to them. This is called “accommodation”.

Single vision lenses are available in a vast number of different materials to suit different prescriptions and lifestyle requirements.

CR39:This is a basic plastic lens, relatively impact resistant, made from a tailor made plastic resin designed to give the best visual acuity.

1.6 / 1.67 / 1.74 slimline: These are a higher density plastic than CR39 so therefore are a slimmer lighter lens that is tough and light and gives some Ultra Violet light protection.

Trivex: Is a tough and light plastic lens used in rimless and safety eyewear.

As we age our ability to accommodate decreases. This means things close up become more difficult to see. For those who have never needed glasses before this will mean a pair of single vision near glasses. However for those people who now need a distance prescription and a near prescription there are three solutions.

  1. Two separate pairs of glasses ,one for seeing things in the Distance one for Near work.

  2. Bifocals: These lenses incorporate both Distance and Near prescriptions into one pair of glasses, with a distinct visible segment at the bottom of the lens. The segment can be either flat or round and is available in a handful of different widths.

  3. Varifocals or Progressives. These lenses incorporate distance, intermediate and near prescriptions and have no visible lines on the lens. There are lots of different varifocal lens designs and your Optical Dispenser will help you make the best choice for you and your lifestyle.

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