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Eye Exam

Private eye test £25 This will include: During your eye exam your Optometrist will check the health of your eyes, they will study the anatomy of the eye, including your lids and lashes, the surface of the eye and the blood vessels. They will use special lenses and instruments to look inside the eye to check the health of the internal structure. They will also check the muscle balance between your two eyes when used together. You will be asked questions about your family history, your lifestyle and your general health. It is important to ask you these questions every time you come for and eye exam, even if we have previous records, to establish any changes since you were last seen. Your Optometrist will check your vision without glasses and if required will then establish any prescription you may need. This is a subjective test. Whilst the Optometrist can use certain equipment to establish a baseline of your required prescription you will be asked to compare different lenses and asked which you prefer. • Field of vision screening is included for all over 40's and for anyone else deemed to require the test. • Interocular pressure (the puff of air) test for all adults, and any youngster deemed to require the test • Colour deficiency screening. (This only needs to be done once, and is most often picked-up during childhood). • Fundus photography is also available at no additional cost where required. If you are particularly keen to have your photos taken, be sure to ask when booking and at the beginning of your eye exam.